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In an effort to provide you with as many tools as possible on your journey to health, we have listed some of our favorite and most useful resources.

Organic teas, herbs, culinary spices and so much more.
Check out Mountain Rose Herbs.  You won't be disappointed.  By using this site to purchase products from Mountain Rose Herbs, you could qualify for a discount of 5% on your purchases.

Meal Planning
Meal Mixer is a wonderful tool for the whole family. Quickly plan meals with the recipes and shopping list each week. Full of wonderful recipes and so easy to use!   We love this resource.

Go to Meal Mixer and get started today.  They offer a free trial and we believe you will find this is an invaluable tool.

Another great tool is found at My Fitness Pal where you can enter your typical breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and track calories, proteins, carbs and more.  This is available as a free online tool or smartphone app.  I encourage you to check it out.

Lab Tests can be expensive without insurance coverage.  Take a look at Health Waves for local, affordable lab tests.  Life Extension offers their members affordable labs as well.  Click here to see more information.  Our office also offers discounted labs for uninsured patients.  Call for pricing.

Information and health talks on a variety of topics.  This site was put together by a dear friend who is also a naturopathic doctor.  Check out  Medicine Talk and let me know what you think.

Recommended Reading
The following site lists our recommended reading: WorldCat
My new favorite cookbook is Oh She Glows Every Day, by Angela Liddon.  ISBN 978-1-58333-574-1.  There are so many recipes that require short preparation time and provide delicious and nutritive foods.
Other great food prep books:  See the newsletter archives for a handout on helpful websites and books
A brief description about Homeopathy.
A great site for Vitamin Information.
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