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News Letter
In a continuous search for simple solutions to potentially serious health issues, I have come across three basic treatments that have the potential for dramatic support:  Iodine, Borax and Berberine.

Iodine has been loved or loathed for years and after doing some research and reading through a power point sent to me by a patient, I decided that I needed to re-visit the powerful potential of this element. More information can be found in the Newsletter Archives.

Borax is a mineral mined in Turkey and the U.S. with great potential for alkalizing, reducing inflammation and promoting strong and healthy bones.  I will put information in the Newsletter Archives on this simple yet powerful health aid.

Finally, Berberine is a plant constituent found in herbs like Goldenseal and Oregon Grape.  The list of potential health benefits is long and distinguished.  Look for additional information in the Newsletter archives.

I am drawn to these simple, time honored remedies which seem to work on multiple levels.  I still believe that eating clean-sourced foods, drinking clean-sourced water, moving your body everyday and engaging in a spiritual practice are the true keys to optimal health. 

Wrapping you in light and health...Dr. K.
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